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SCAN360VR provides As-Built services including 3D scanning of any existing structure & exterior spaces, followed by the creation of CAD drawings & 3D models with accurate dimensions and similar conditions of the existing space. 




3D CAD Model

Because reliable data is critical to any construction project.

Original design drawings never provide exact information. Instead, they represent the intended layout, while the constructed structures rarely precisely match the dimensions.  
Knowing the exact dimensions of a structure is crucial when starting a remodeling or renovation project. 

What We Capture

We provide high-precision 3D laser scanning with an accuracy of up to ¼” (6mm) for residential or commercial structures and exterior spaces. From the 3D data captured (point cloud), we generate a digital representation with CAD software (Computer-Aided Design), including 2D architectural plans and 3D models.

3D laser scanning
point cloud
CAD Software

What We Deliver 

From the 3D data (“point cloud”) captured with our lasers, we use various CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software like Revit, ArchiCAD, or SketchUp to create a precise digital representation of the property or land. We then deliver 2D architectural drawings & plans (Floor, RCP, Elevation & Site) and a 3D model.

3D CAD Model

3D CAD Model
CAD drawing (DWG) and BIM/3D including Revit (RVT), ArchiCAD (PLN), SketchUp (SKP)

Move, rotate, and zoom in & out the model in full 3D. Create cut sections to better understand each floor layout. Access inside views for a first-person experience.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Plan showing the inside of a structure and building where partitions, walls, and openings (doors & windows). Additional elements can also be represented depending on the floor plan needs, like plumbing fixtures (bathtub, sink, toilet) or Fixed elements (kitchen cabinets, countertop).

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

While a Floor plan represents the footprint of a space (width and length), a reflected ceiling plan will provide the ceiling height and the position and types of lighting in each room.

Elevation Plan

Elevation Plan

Plan showing the side views of structures. To generate elevation plans, we capture the exterior perimeter of a structure far enough to see the roof lines and the entire side. Generally and assuming that each side is accessible, we create four elevation drawings (North, South, East & West)

Site Plan

Site Plan

Floor Plan with dimensions showing the entire lot, including the existing locations of the structures, parking area, and fixed exterior elements, like pool, decks, etc. A Site Plan is helpful for landscape architects & designers, structure addition, or pool construction.

3D Virtual Tour

  • Capture current conditions at different phases of projects while providing accurate and fast measurements. 

  • Document and share construction progress, save travel time with remote inspections and improve customer service by sharing a complete “digital twin” with property owners.

  • Add Mattertags to communicate more effectively with subcontractors by adding annotations, links, photos, and videos to the 3D model.

Industries We Serve

SCAN360VR offers As-built, Scanning & Digital Media services to meet specific needs for any type of project, from residential to commercial, industrial, or retail. Learn the benefits for each industry:





As-built Services for Residential
As-built Services for Commercial
As-built Services for Industrial
As-built Services for Retail

Provides detailed information and dimensions about existing floor plan and site plan, enabling informed decision-making for remodeling, renovation, or expansion projects.

Serves as a valuable tool for asset management, enabling property owners to maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of the building's systems, components, and features.

Provides an accurate representation of the built environment, capturing the dimensions, locations, and details of all elements, including the building structure, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, and fixtures. 

Ensures that the construction or renovation project meets all regulatory and code requirements, ensuring that the property is safe, healthy, and in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.


Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our As-Built Solutions

  • 3D Laser Scanning

  • As-Built Mapping 

  • Point Cloud Data Capture 

  • CAD to BIM

  • 3D Modeling

  • Scan to BIM

accurate as-built services


Thanks to our high-precision 3D Laser scanner, we can maintain accuracy up to ¼” (6 mm) even on large projects.

fast as-built services


We can generally provide a quote the same day and dispatch a laser technician within a few days as part of our efficient process.

affordable as-built services


Thanks to our streamlined in-house process, we can offer customized services and affordable prices based on your budget.

"Once receiving all SCAN360VR's files, we start doing our 3D Designs and 3D layouts. This helps streamline the process We are able to present the designs for our clients way quicker. Before we had to measure it ourselves. Now, our first round of design is executed smoothly, and efficiently and everybody is happy."

Jeff Stimpfig



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